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Stand out from the crowd and say hello to your new home.

Renting is a competitive business. Ekaya VIP has everything you'll need to apply for rental properties in under 10 minutes.

R99.00 once-off with unlimited applications.


21st Century Rental Applications

With a few taps, you'll have everything you need in one safe place, ready to apply for multiple properties.




Digitally verified identity, no need to get a certified copy of your ID at a police station.


Get your credit checked ducks in a row with our beautifully detailed & downloadable credit reports.


R13.00 a page? No way! VIP automagically syncs your last 3 months' bank statements.


Show yourself off with great references from past landlords, colleagues and friends.



One application,
Unlimited properties

Complete your VIP Profile and use it to apply for as many properties as you need for just R99.

Ekaya VIP automagically gathers all the information landlords like to see during rental applications and securely syncs it to your Profile.

We've made it super easy to share your Profile everywhere but you're always in control over who gets to see the information.


Loved & trusted,
By landlords & agents

We know standing out from the crowd can be tricky. We designed Ekaya VIP to help landlords and agents identify good candidates for their properties which is why VIP users get 70% more positive responses. This is your ticket to improving your chances of getting the home you really want.


Safe as houses,
Bank-grade security

The security of your information is our first priority, that’s why we use SSL and 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption to protect your data. That’s the kind of security you use on national secrets but it’s just business as usual with Ekaya.

Learn more about our security


Time is money,
We’ll save you a lot of both

Ekaya VIP takes less than 10 minutes to digitally fetch and verify your information so you can skip the police station and bank queues. Some banks charge an arm and a leg to access your statements, with VIP - it’s all included.


Reasons to love Ekaya VIP


Quick, with control

Your Ekaya verified profile is a few clicks away. For a once-off cost of R99 you can quickly and securely collect the information most Landlords & Agents require. You’re in control of your data and can apply for as many properties as you like. It's that easy!

Paperless & painless

Rather than paying R13/page at your bank to print 3 months' bank statements, you can now securely access your bank to generate that information. Think of all the trees!

A competitive edge

The rental market is busy. On average there are 20 other people interested in the same rental. Increase your chances of landing the home you want with a VIP profile.

Ready for action

Show that you mean business and are not looking to waste the Landlord / Agent’s time. Your completed VIP profile shows them who you are, your credit history and your affordability index. All this for a once-off payment of R99!

Use it anywhere, anytime

When you apply to a rental on any website (Gumtree/PrivateProperty or even via email/WhatApp) you can easily include your Ekaya. VIP profile to show the property manager all the information they require.

Look after number one

Controlling access to your private information is the first step in preventing ID fraud from happening. Ekaya VIP puts you in control, giving you the tools to enable or disable access to your data.

Amazingly efficient

You’re busy and don't have time to run between the SAPS and your bank collecting information to apply for a rental. Ekaya VIP allows you not only to easily and securely collect this information from your smartphone or tablet, but also apply for as many rentals as you like!

Easy to share

It's as simple as completing your Ekaya VIP profile and including your unique link in any communication you have with Landlords or Agents. Once you’ve given access you can just as easily reject their access to your personal data.

Refreshing simplicity

Sometimes it takes a while to find your dream rental. In the past you’d have to go about collecting fresh bank statements and credit reports. Now, as an Ekaya VIP user, you can easily refresh your data for a discounted R49 after the initial 30-day window has passed!

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