We are committed to safeguarding your private and sensitive data by handling it in the most secure way possible.


Read-Only Access

We’re a look but no touch platform. Access to your connected accounts is read-only. This means you can’t transfer any money or pay bills on our website; which means no one else can, either.

ID Authentication

Before you are able to access your personal credit information you have to go through an authentication process managed and audited by the credit bureaus. This ensures only you have access to your information and that it is inaccessible to anybody else until you give authorisation for them to view it.

Data Encryption

All data transmitted to and from us is encrypted in order to secure it from the rest of the world and keep it indecipherable and private. We use 2048-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your account info and data.

External Security Audits and Checks

Our providers enlist independent, third-party experts in the field of application security to assess their technology for vulnerabilities.

Secure Partners

We make sure to only partner with the best. Through our partner Limitless Technology Group we have access to Yodlee to aggregate bank transaction data. Yodlee holds 45 technology patents that protect how they access and present information. 7 of the top 10 US financial institutions trust them, as do over 40 million people around the world. Limitless Technology Group and Yodlee has a 100% track record when it comes to security.

Decentralised Storage

The way your personal information and passwords are stored means that no one can match them together. When you submit your Internet Banking credentials for example, we do not store them but rather send them directly through to Yodlee, who will store each different field on different servers in different geographic locations.

Account Access Levels

Ekaya VIP puts you in full control of your data and how you share with it others. From the Requests screen you’ll be able manage all your VIP requests and choose what access each user has to your Profile. Its as simply as selecting the person in question you're sharing your data with, and selecting the appropriate level of access. You can also block and delete access requests.

Basic Access - Anyone with this access level will only be able to view summary cards of your verified information.

Full Access - Anyone with this access level will be able to view all your verified information and your comprehensive credit report and 90 days back statement.

None - Anyone with this access level will only be able to see your basic public profile. They will need to manually request access to see more information about you.

Delete Request - If you delete an access request, the Landlord/Agent will have to re-request access in order for you to share your profile with them.



Want to know more?

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